Friday, October 16, 2015

Where Do I Find the Problem of the Day to Project?

Where in the world are the digital versions of the Problem of the Day?  (When I use these, I have them solve it in their math journal and then do a quick pari-share for how they solved it and showed their thinking.)  View this video quick video to learn where to find these.  (This video is also on our K-5 Go Math! page! Scroll down to #5)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ThinkCentral- Personal Math Trainer Part 1: Assigning "Stuff' that is Graded!

"In ThinkCentral, how do I assign an assignment that students complete and submit answers online?"  
"I have assigned something, but it was a PDF. 
 What good is this? How does this work?"  
This 5 minute video will give you the basics of assigning a Personal Math Trainer (PMT) assignment to your students.  

Also,  Click here for additional information on using Go Math ThinkCentral.  (This link is found under the BPS Curriculum tab on the math website!) There is a variety of videos and information relating to the basics, including reports in Go Math! More to come..... Stay tuned... Happy Day!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

BPS Math Planning Basics Part 1:The 3 P's!

"I just don't know if I am planning math correctly?!!"   
You are not alone if you have these thoughts, as it is always a learning curve when we are provided with a new curriculum tool.

Two key things I  want to leave you with in today's post....more to come later!
  • "Good planning" is all about the Ps!  Pedagogy-Products-Professionalism-- Using effective pedagogy or instructional strategies, teamed with the products we have listed on the planning guide, along with professional decisions (from you...the professional educator) ---- these are 3 areas to really consider.  They are ALL important!
  • Also, read the BPS Curriculum Expectations and your Grade Level Planning Guide (link to 3rd grade example...).  This has also been extremely helpful for teachers.  (Clears up some muddy waters!)