Thursday, October 1, 2015

BPS Math Planning Basics Part 1:The 3 P's!

"I just don't know if I am planning math correctly?!!"   
You are not alone if you have these thoughts, as it is always a learning curve when we are provided with a new curriculum tool.

Two key things I  want to leave you with in today's post....more to come later!
  • "Good planning" is all about the Ps!  Pedagogy-Products-Professionalism-- Using effective pedagogy or instructional strategies, teamed with the products we have listed on the planning guide, along with professional decisions (from you...the professional educator) ---- these are 3 areas to really consider.  They are ALL important!
  • Also, read the BPS Curriculum Expectations and your Grade Level Planning Guide (link to 3rd grade example...).  This has also been extremely helpful for teachers.  (Clears up some muddy waters!) 

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