Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Growth Mindset in Action - In a Math Classroom!

Think about someone you consider successful and respected as an educator....

When I think about this, I always  think about my amazing friend Tanya Griego, currently a first grade teacher (and the Godmother of our Noah!) .....She is always learning, reading, asking colleagues for advice, and always "growing her brain" in some way.  She is my very own "growth mindset" model.

Carol Dweck, Standford University,  has studied "growth mindset" vs. "fixed mindset" and the impact it has on learning and ultimately, our lives!   Her book, Mindset, is being referenced by people in all industries and is one I can't stop thinking about.

View the video below to see how a teacher implements  "growth mindset" in her  2nd grade math classroom! (Thanks Kim Anthony for finding and sharing this great video!)


  1. Wow, that video was FANTASTIC! I have watched it 5 times and will probably watch it a few more times. Vocabulary, Collaboration, Process and not always Product! Inspirational. Thanks for posting.

  2. I agree Tawna! The foundational ideas you mentioned relate to any subject area! By the way....You are also an amazing model of a Growth Mindset!