Friday, September 4, 2015

Go Math Support: Videos, Handouts, and MORE!

I know how important it is to make the most of your limited time!  So....there is now a link specifically relating to Go Math  that can found under the BPS Curriculum tab on our BPS Website. All of the videos and handouts are relatively short and to the point.  More resources will be added as needed.

As promised, we told you that students would be uploaded/updated into ThinkCentral and that you could create a class in your account after Labor Day.  Well, it is now ready to roll if you so desire! Many of you are excited to get your class setup with their own Go Math (ThinkCentral) Accounts so they can access the student eBook and other great resources.

PLEASE keep in mind that you are not expected to add your class and students prior to the training you will be getting at your schools in Mid Sept- Oct.   However, for those of you that want to get students into the system to access their resources, watch the related videos on creating a class, adding students, and having students access their accounts. The videos  and handouts will give you all the info you need!

I have tried to make the videos concise and brief. Please, please, please view the videos before jumping in.  It will save everyone involved in this process a lot of time in the long run! (students, teachers, curriculum team, BPS tech people!)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are NOT asking you to assign students assignments and tests online at this point and time.  Assigning tests and activities via the Personal Math Trainer is a bit different from other programs our district has used.  This information and how to's will be provided to your school trainer on Sept. 15th and then they will train you on assigning assignments!

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