Monday, March 7, 2016

DoJo and Growth Mindset

Did you know that Class DoJo has 5 great videos relating to Growth Mindset (perseverence, effort, learning from mistakes, etc)? Thanks SO much to Lyndsay White, 3rd Grade teacher at Bench for sharing this.  Here is link and the first video is found below.  You will also see a little discussion guide link right below the video.  Click here!
 (This is just a picture below of what it looks on "click here" to view video!)


  1. I showed this to my class over the course of a few days a while ago and they really enjoyed it. Now when they say "I can't do it," I can reference this series to have them change it to "I can't do it YET."

    1. Yes! It is these little shifts in our statements and thinking that can go a long way! Thanks for sharing this Joey!